I'm Juan Miguel Valverde and currently I'm a PhD student at UEF researching about Rodent MRI brain segmentation using Deep Learning

If you are looking for the old delanover blog you can find it at old.delanover.com but it's not updated anymore and the links are broken (you have to replace them by old.delanover.com). It contains old personal projects, random posts and memos.

This other personal blog is about Deep Learning and Tensorflow: laid.delanover.com

Areas of interest: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis.

Github: github.com/jmlipman
Twitter: twitter.com/jmlipman
Email: juanmiguel [dot] valverde [at] uef [dot] fi


Working experience

Refereed conference papers

  1. J.M. Valverde, V. Imani, J.D. Lewis, J. Tohka, Predicting intelligence based on cortical WM/GM contrast, cortical thickness and volumetry. To appear in ABCD Neurocognitive Prediction Challenge, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2019.


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