This page is continuously under construction, as my life itself.
Last change: 24th March 2015

Current mission
-Learning Japanese and Danish
-Improving English
-Learning about AI and CV

Currently, I am focused on a personal subblog mainly about Artificial Intelligence:

Introduction, About me, Hobbies and Motivation
Relevant experience
Personal Works
Personal goals
Worldwide Timeline
My Library

Introduction, About me, Hobbies and Motivation

My name is Juan Miguel Valverde. I graduated from the University of Burgos (Graduate in Computer Science Engineering) in 2014, although I have spent one academic year in Turku, Finland.

I would like to spend my life researching in Computer Science, so I decided to study an artificial intelligence related MSc in Denmark (MSc in IT and Cognition 2015-2017). Additionally, I have always liked to study and research by my own.

Besides Computer Science, I love nature and everything related to it such as certain sports (senderism, trekking) and animals.


Until I was 7-8 years old, I have been in León, Mallorca and Lorca, but after that, I finally ended up in Utebo, Zaragoza.

Miguel Angel Artazos Tamé (Utebo): junior school until 2004.
IES Pedro Cerrada (Utebo): highschool from 2004 to 2010.
University of Burgos (Computer Engineering): current university from 2010 til 2014.
Turku University of Applied Sciences (Embedded Course): last year of my bachelor from 2013 to 2014
University of Copenhagen (MSc in IT and Cognition): from 2015 to 2017

University marks

Basic Skills

  • Programming: PHP (high), Java (high), Shell-Script (high), Javascript (medium), C (medium), C# (low), Matlab (high).
  • Databases: Oracle (medium), MySQL (medium).
  • Mobile development: Android (medium), Windows Phone (medium).
  • Advanced experience using Twitter API.
  • Embedded software development.
  • Languages: Spanish (native), English (high).

Relevant experience

  • Main developer of a software application to Spanish GDT (Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos, Cybercrime Unit). Certification.
  • Web developer (freelancer) of a twitter related module registration and login form in a Spanish social network (

Personal Works

Life is about success and fail. I have a lot of failed projects and I’m proud of them, because I learnt a lot about them (even about myself) and I proudly would show them, but maybe someday I try to work on them again, so, at this moment, my fails will not be published, but are anyway also considered as personal works.

Personal goals

  • Learn at least german and japanese.
  • PhD studies and research.
  • Change some people lifes.
  • Travel as much as I can, and meet new people and cultures to learn about them.
  • Learn about people behaviour.
  • Building robots.
  • Help people (personal and educational)

Worldwide Timeline

1992-1999: ?????
2000-2010: Utebo (Zaragoza), Spain
2010-2013: Burgos, Spain
2013-2014: Turku, Finland
2014-2016: Halmstad, Sweden

2010: Spain {Valencia}
2012: Estonia {Tallinn, Tartu, Narva} (couchsurfing)
2012: Spain {Laspuña}
2013: Finland {Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Rovaniemi, Saariselkä}
2014: Czech Rep {Prague}, Poland {Auschwitz, Krakow, Wroclaw}
2015: Spain {Jaca, Madrid}

My Library

Here are the books I own.