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    After reading no more than 10 pages of a new chapter of my new book, a basic and problematic thought came to my mind. First of all, I was thinking about how modern object recognition algorithms work. They are hazardously based on statistics which may or may not work depending on training samples. Regardless of […]

    I would like this time to write an entry about a self-reflection concerning public transport within cities. I like to write my ideas thinking that they might inspire someone and help somehow to build or help developing intelligent cities. The adjective “intelligent”, when used in front of “city”, might refer to those futuristic cities we […]

    I can barely remember what exactly happened one year ago, just after a personal incident which directly unmotivated me, regarding my Erasmus exchange program. When I was chosen, early February I think, I had some fears which I can still remember because I still have them from now on. As I’ve never enjoyed (or learned […]