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    My computer: Windows 10, Python 3.4, OpenCV 3.0.0 I had uncountable desperate attempts to install OpenCV 3.0 in my machine, including the always last plan when installing software: building it from the source. There is an apparently nice tutorial from the official OpenCV webpage which didn’t work for me because I needed to do a […]

    Here I show my complete library that hopefully will increase with the pass of the years. Anyway, many books are missing, specially novels (since I’ve read a Kindle version or a borrowed them). Index Computer Science / Programming Physics Psychology Languages Novels Miscellaneous Computer Science / Programming Creación de sitios web con PHP5 (Development of […]

    During my epic trip to Poland and Czech Republic with some friends an incident happened. At the half of the trip I realized that there was something wrong with my Kindle screen, but I didn’t know what was going on with it. I was thinking that probably the problem is that’s broken, but I wasn’t […]

    Introduction Last week, in the middle of my timetable gap, waiting with my German friend for the Finnish for Exchange Students class he showed me the Apple maps application, and I really liked how you are able to see projected sunlight in Earth, and as I really liked space stuff pictures, I thought it would […]


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    In this entry I will publish my university marks. As I already wrote and publish a lot stuff about my education, I think personal marks are also important. I have to write two different sections, one in Spanish and one in English, because unfortunately, there is more information in Spanish than in English since this […]