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    Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working on a Wireless Music Player. The goal of this project is play all music in a Server while you can control everything from any Client. For the controls, I used PHP because is compatible with any kind of device, from computers to handy devices. I had […]

    Little introduction In my current university (TUAS, Turku University of Applied Sciences, in Finland) we were given a development board called Olimex. The university borrowed us the board, and I really appreciate the idea, because that movement allows students to learn themselves (if they want of course) and get the first (and second, and third..) […]

    This entry is about JMReversi, a free implementation of classic Reversi. At this moment, this application is not in the Store but hopefully will be available soon, because I didn’t have any problem validating it locally. My personal reason to develop this application is to implement Alfa-Beta algorithm. My idea is release some day another […]

    This entry is about JMTwitter, a free Twitter client for Windows 8 (metro style) I’m currently developing. At this moment, the application is not published in the official store (in fact, has been rejected because didn’t pass performance tests, therefore I need to improve it, sure). I think I will also release the source code […]