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    After my screen mysteriously stopped working properly, I brought my computer to the shop where I bought it and Lenovo replaced my screen successfully without any extra cost (except for the fact that I had to go to other country twice). Well, for some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to format […]

    I temporaly decided to stop writing about general stuff and focus on Artificial Intelligence. Because of this, I opened a new WordPress blog in a subdomain of mine –> Neural Networks, Image Processing, [Un]supervised learning, and so on. I also decided to share every piece of code uploading it to my personal github repositories […]

    Here I show my complete library that hopefully will increase with the pass of the years. Anyway, many books are missing, specially novels (since I’ve read a Kindle version or a borrowed them). Index Computer Science / Programming Physics Psychology Languages Novels Miscellaneous Computer Science / Programming Creación de sitios web con PHP5 (Development of […]

    Index 1.-Introduction 1.1.-Quick Description 1.2.-Why this Home Media Center is so cool? 1.3.-Video Presentation 2.-Install 2.1.-First steps 3.-Wiki 4.-Skills acquired 5.-License 1.-Introduction This is my Final Project Work (a project we have to do when we finish our bachelor). One of the reasons why I chose this to be my project was because I wanted […]

    Índice: 1.-Introducción 2.-Instalación 2.1.-Configurando Visual Studio 2008 3.-Compilación 3.1.-Hola Mundo 3.2.-Jugando con la memoria 1.-Introducción La tecnología CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) es una arquitectura de computación paralela desarrollada por nVidia lanzada en 2007. Esta tecnología permite a los programadores desarrollar aplicaciones o programas que se ejecuten en la GPU de la tarjeta gráfica. Este […]