This entry is about JMTwitter, a free Twitter client for Windows 8 (metro style) I’m currently developing. At this moment, the application is not published in the official store (in fact, has been rejected because didn’t pass performance tests, therefore I need to improve it, sure).

I think I will also release the source code when I finish to comment it and have time for that. I would like to continue developing this application and all comments and suggestions will be well appreciated.

General features

Version 1.0

  • Visualize your timeline, mentions and trending topics (refresh every minute).
  • Automatically stores your timeline and mentions to visualize offline.
  • Send tweets and replies.
  • Automatic splited tweets and replies.
  • Snapview mode.


External libraries (credits)

  • LinqToTwitter by Joe Mayo is the library used to interact with Twitter service itselft.
  • SQLite-net by Frank Krueger is the library used to store timeline tweets to have them available offline.