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    Long ago, around 4 years ago already, I implemented a Twitter Fingerprinting tool in PHP that was available for everybody which unfortunately stopped working when the API changed. I was really excited because I could also help the Spanish police with another version of this online tool. Recently, I decided to implement something similar in […]

    As a Japanese language learner, any tool that makes this difficult journey easier is always welcome. I do not want to debate anything about the learning process, so I will just say that, as with any other language, the “reading” skill is very useful as a proof of understanding both grammar and vocabulary. For this […]

    This is not even close to the super cool Japanese Robo One robot competitions, but close enough. Sumobot competitions consist of a duel between two robots which have to push each other to make the other leave the arena. There are some specifications that must be followed such as dimensions and weight among others, but […]

    This project is actually university homework, but it’s so interesting that I decided to upload here the information. I’ve never used such an electronic components before and I have to admit that it was a nice challenge. This robotic arm is composed of 5 servo motors, which must be controlled in order to use the […]

    Introduction The idea behind this project is simple: a tool which regularly reminds me when my auction (or interested item) is going to finish and its current price. I established ranges and periods of time as following: Time left Remainder >12h Every 12h 12h > x > 6h 1 remainder 6h before 6h > x […]